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Flowers and Appetizers

Pre-Ordering Opens April 4th, 2024!! 


Thank you so much for Pre-Ordering your child's flowers with us for Studio of MoveMINT's 'Shine Bright' - SOM Seventh Annual Spring Concert May 18th-19th, 2024 at Brewer High School!


Ordering prior to show guarntees your child will recieve their flowers! These bouquets are fresh, hand-selected and wrapped with LOVE! 


We will have pre-orders INSIDE near the entrance of Auditiorium for pick up!


Dried Flower Bouquet options for this year's recital! Trying something new!


These available in extremely limited quantities exclusively at the dance recital! These stunning arrangements are perfect for parents seeking a timeless keepsake or a charming addition to their child's room. (Great for Tweens & Teens!)


Each bouquet is meticulously handcrafted and boasts a captivating beauty that will endure for years to come. Unlike fresh flowers, these dried bouquets offer the advantage of longevity, making them a cherished memento of this special event. Don't miss your chance to bring home one of these everlasting treasures!

Dried Flower Bouquets

  • If you have multiple dancers in different concert times, please don't fret! Just mark the show you want to pick up in.  You can leave us a note at check out if you want to pick up at different show times! We will hold the bouquets for you at your convenience!

  • Please Note: At check out it will ask for shipping info! Click on shipping options and select "Pickup at MoveMINT Recital" or if you end up filling out the form for shipping, that is ok too! You will still pick up at recital at our booth! Thank you!

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